Caring Society

With our practice-based research we are committed to a caring society. In our various studies, we always strive to enhance the well-being of individuals with care and support needs and their family caregivers.

We work on different themes and different fronts. From loneliness, informal care, new care models to caring neighborhoods. From prevention and rehabilitation to ongoing support.

What connects our research is working together, from our different areas of expertise, to create a more caring society.



Dorien Gryp

Liesbet Lommelen

Leen Heylen

Herman De Pauw

Herman De Pauw

Birthe Sels

Tessa Delien

Karolien Baldewijns

Wim Wouters

Monica Wouters

Lise Switsers


What can we do for you?

In our research, we build upon our methodological expertise into both quantitative and qualitative research methods and the design and evaluation of practices. We translate the research findings that emerge from this research into tools, methodologies and training for the field and education.

You can contact us for:

  • Practice-based research within our research themes
  • Setting up and evaluating new practices
  • Needs assessment and evaluation studies
  • Development of methodologies and ‘think and do’ books for practice
  • Training
  • Lectures


You can find the “Caring Neighborhood Analysis” support package here

Our three ‘think and do’ books: